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Videos of our robots

Darmstadt Dribblers YouTube channel

All videos since 2006 and all most recent videos are available from Darmstadt Dribblers YouTube channel!

Cooperation of humanoid and wheeled robot (2006)

The following videos demonstrate the cooperation of an autonomous humanoid and an autonomous wheeled robot (to our knowledge the first time in the world).

Cooperation of humanoid and wheeled robot

Bruno and Jan (2006)

For a more detailed description of what happens in the following movies please see our resumee of RoboCup 2006 in Bremen.

Robots Jan and Bruno
  • Famous backheel kick of Bruno (video wmv mpg).
  • Many different kicking and walking motions at RoboCup 2006, including an especially acrobatic kicking technique using his whole body (video wmv mpg).
  • Team cooperation of Bruno and Jan (1) (video wmv mpg).
    Team cooperation of Bruno and Jan (2) wmv)
  • Foot race, speed of Bruno: 40cm/s (about 1.5 km/h) (video wmv mpg).
  • Walking on rough terrain in record time (video wmv mpg )
  • Emotional reactions on scoring or receiving a goald (video wmv mpg).
  • Our goalie Jan (video wmv mpg).

For some Videos of the Walking optimization see our Research site.

Mr. DD Junior 2 (2005)

Mr. DD Junior 2

German Open 2005, Paderborn

German Open 2005
  • Video showing humanoid robot Mr. DD junior at its first autonomous kick (50 MB, DivX)


Simulation with MuRoSimF

  • Simulation of robot falling down and getting up again (divx).
  • Simulation of two robots playing penalty-kick (divx).

Videos of humanoid project in cooperation with TU Berlin

Simulation Simulation of the fast walking humanoid robot "Daisy" (Video)