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Darmstadt Dribblers    

Please note that since 2013 Darmstadt Dribblers are taking a break and are currently not active anymore.

Our team of autonomous, soccer playing humanoid robots was established in 2004 as a sibling team of the successful four-legged robot team Darmstadt Dribbling Dackels. The Dribblers have become one of the most successful teams of the RoboCup Humanoid League.

Successes and Milestones:
  • 2004: First German Team participating in a soccer competition of the RoboCup Humanoid League
  • 2006: Striker Bruno is the fastest walking robot of all sizes at RoboCup and scores as first (and so far only) autonomous humanoid robot a regular goal by back heel kick in a competition
  • 2009: First team outside Japan to receive the Louis Vuitton Best Humanoid Award
  • 2009, 2010: World champion of the Humanoid KidSize League with each time 8 wins in a row and an overall goal ratio of 78:3 resp. 74:2
  • 2009, 2011: Overall winner of the Technical Challenge of the Humanoid KidSize League
  • 2011: Goalie Jan is the first autonomous humanoid robot which succeeds in grasping and throwing a ball autonomously (and even backwards) regularly in a competition
  • 2011, 2012: 3rd Place of the Humanoid KidSize League
From 2013 Darmstadt Dribblers take a rest as our resources are exhausted.

Further Information:
Robot Bruno with Louis Vuitton Best Humanoid Award
(C) Katrin Binner

Dribblers Team 2010
(C) Darmstadt Dribblers

Robot Bruno welcomes German Chancelor Angela Merkel at the booth of the TU-Darmstadt at the German IT summit 2008.
(C) Andreas Arnold/TU-Darmstadt