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RoboCup 2007 in Atlanta

RoboCup 2007 took place at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA, from 1st till 8th of July.
For the preliminary matches we faced the most difficult of the four groups, which consisted of previous year's world champion Team Osaka from Japan, CIT Brains & Hajime from Japan, Pioneros Mexico and Team Genus from Singapure.
We came in second in the group and reached the quarter final. There we met Team Nimbro from Freiburg, Germany. After a draw in regular playing time, we lost 6:8 after overtime.

Results of the matches: The final was won 8:6 by Team Nimbro against Team Osaka (report of the match and outlook on 2008 in English / in German).

In the technical challenges we also weren't lucky and reached the fourth place with less than one point behind the second and third. Here is a more detailed report in german.

It can be seen on the videos, that our robots Bruno and Jan performed pretty good, but nevertheless this wasn't enough to repeat the good results of the previous year.