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RoboCup 2006 in Bremen (Germany)

In 2006 RoboCup took place in Germany for the first time. In parallel to the "real" soccer world cup the robots fighted for the titel of the world champion from 14th til 18th of june 2006 at the fair in Bremen.

Our players Bruno and Jan already showed a good performance at the German Open in Magdeburg and at the Japan Open in Kitakyushu, which should be enhanced now in Bremen.

Penalty Kick

In the first match in the preliminary round we met the Pioneros Mexico. Our striker had some problems and the ball just didn't want to roll into the goal. The match finally ended in a draw with 0:0.

In our second match versus AkDong from Canada we wanted to show a better performance than against the Pionerso Mexico. We were able to find some errors and won the match with 4:0. After the second goal our striker lost orientation and it seemed that he wanted to shoot at the wrong goal, but with a backheel kick he made it to bring the ball into the right goal behind him (see video).

In the evening we had our last preliminary match in the penalty kick competition. The opponent was Team KMutt from Thailand, who already presented a good striker and a fast goalie. We finally won the exciting match with 2:1.

With two wins and one draw we were first in our group. In the quarter final we met Team JEAP from Osaka, Japan. We won the match with 2:0.

In the semifinal we had to compete against Team Osaka, the previous years's world champion. Our goalie had no chance against the japanese robot's strong, precise kick. But at least our striker Bruno managed to score a goal against the quick goalie from Osaka. The match ended with 1:5.

In the match for the thrid place we again met Team KMutt, wich we bet with 2:1 in the preliminary round. Team KMutt improved their performance during the competition, just like our own team. So we expected the match to be as exciting as the first one. In the end we won again with 2:1. Hence we reached the third place in the penalty kick competition.


In the first match in the preliminary round of 2-versus-2 we met Team TH-MOS from Thailand. Our striker scored 4 goals, but unfortunately the first kick in the first half went in the wrong direction, so the match ended with 3:1.

The second match versus Team JEAP from Japan was not really trouble-free. Both teams had to some technical problems, finally in the second half our striker Bruno scored the liberating 1:0.

The last match in the preliminary round against TKU from Taiwan we won with 2:0. So we were first in our group and entered the quarter final.

In the quarter final we met Team KMutt from Thailand. We won with 3:1.

We lost the half final with 2:6 against Team Nimbro from Freiburg, Germany.

Also in the match for the third place versus Toin Phoenix from Japan we first had some problems and the other team could score 2 goals. But fortunately Bruno and Jan enhanced their performance and showed a really interesting and exciting match. With a final score of 5:2 we won the match and had the third place in the 2-versus-2 competition.

Technical Challenges

The Technical Challenges consisted of three parts:
  • walking over rough terrain,
  • passing and
  • dribbling around three poles.
Thanks to our partner Hajime Sakamoto our robot was able to traverse the rough terrain in only 8 seconds. From the other teams only Team Nimbro traversed the whole field, but it took them 74 seconds. Although we couldn't score in the other disciplines, we reached a really good second place in the technical challenges.

All results of the humanoid league are available here.

Please also read our resume (with videos).